Actually, these are not 'demos', but are links to LIVE PRODUCTION sites. Please select the one most appropriate to your application. Give one a try!

Standard Parts:

Schatz manufactures standard thin-section ball bearings and their product line does not change often. These parts are interchangeable with other OEM parts, but the CAD files detail the unique features of the Schatz parts, such as the bearing separators and shields.

Custom Parts:

Guden manufactures many standard parts and they often add new parts that have different sizes or materials etc. Further, a significant part of their business includes ‘custom’ parts. For example, the customer often selects a 'continuous' hinge, and defines the exact length. In both cases, the VirtualCAD servers accept the new data and create the CAD files for the new parts, instantly and automatically.

Configured Parts:

Higginson offers an almost infinite number of combinations via a simple web interface, which captures all the 'design rules'. This ensures only valid part numbers are configured, while making the process incredibly user friendly. The interface was created by VirtualCAD, but now resides on the Higginson servers, and they 'own the code'.