Your Customers 'Speak 3D':

Today, mechanical design is done completely in 2D/3D CAD. In order to communicate with the designers and engineers who create virtual prototypes, part suppliers must 'Speak 3D'. Especially when other suppliers, with CAD files, are only 'a click away'.

Downloads = Increased Sales:

Parts that are downloaded in 2D/3D become 'designed in' regardless if they are custom or standard parts. Further, they create incredible customer loyalty, and are ultimately purchased. (See testimonial.)

'Perception is Reality':

More detail is perceived as better quality. For example, which 3D bearing looks better on a drawing in a section view; one created from a catalog diagram with an ID, OD and width, or one you provide that also includes radii, chamfers, balls, separator, seals/shields, company name, logo and part number etc?

Registrations = Quality Leads:

Designers and Engineers register for this high level of customer support. Further, they are the decision makers at the very start of the process - the concept stage. They are concerned with quality, not price. Reaching these key people is impossible with a cold sales call.

Why have a web site?

In the past, companies questioned the need for a web site. Soon, the need for 2D/3D CAD files will be just as obvious. Offer CAD files NOW, and you GAIN market share. WAIT, and you will FAIL to capture a one time opportunity to 'steal' customers from your competition!